Monday, 5 February 2018

Topshop SS18 Denim Campain: A Step in the Right Direction?

Topshop recently released their new SS18 Denim campaign and for the first time ever, joined up with Topman to produce an inclusive shoot and video demonstrating their vast range of denim styles. It's no secret that Topshop aren't exactly a "with the tide" kind of brand, their aim is to be ahead of the game and out there. This new campaign seems to feature on the surface what looks like a mix of different types of people, but is that really the best they could do?

Don't get me wrong, I love Topshop and their denim, in fact it's one of my favourites. But why couldn't they take this campaign a step further and do something completely inclusive. They had the opportunity here to use models of every ethnicity - not just the token black girl who is only a few shade darker than my Bondi Sands. Their effort to use a "plus size" model was pathetic. She must have been a size 12-14 at most, which I'm sorry Topshop, but that's AVERAGE. I want to see how their denim works for people with curves, lumps and bumps and extra parts. I want to see their denim shades on different skin tones, and not on the same kind of people. Seriously is there a model factory where they make the same looking men and women because that's all I've been bombarded with lately.

I get it, they are there to sell clothes. But when will the industry realise that we are much more likely to buy products if they are represented on models who look like us. I can't relate to a six foot, size 4, tanned creature because that is not me. How the clothes look on her will no where near resemble what they will look like once I've put them on - and quite frankly, it's off putting.

And let's not ignore the fact that they could've used the opportunity of Topshop and Topman joining together to address the idea of sexuality within fashion. Where are the transgender models. I want to see men in women's jeans and women in men's jeans and everyone in between. Topshop could show to everyone how versatile their jeans are, how they're for everyone and anyone.

I genuinely feel that they have both hit and missed the mark with this campaign. Yes it's nice to look at, but it's nothing we haven't seen Levi's or Calvin Klein do in the past 10 years. There has been a gargantuan opportunity missed to propel Topshop into the market of inclusivity which is being demanded by the consumer left right and centre. They want to be a fashion forward brand, so why not be a socially forward brand? Get with the programme Topshop...

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