Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A Little Chit Chat feat. A Mustard Jumper

Been really trying to step out of my comfort zone lately in terms of colour and I found that I really enjoy earthy tones and styling them with blue or ripped jeans instead of black, which I do all too often. Here I have taken this gorgeous mustard knit and matched it to a mustard bag. I love how this injects colour and also makes the outfit more interesting.
Of course I was going for comfort so threw on my classic vans to give a more casual feel. I find that I enjoy winter fashion a lot more than summer fashion. I think layering pieces gives your outfit a more put together feel and means you can wear funky coats and accessories with just a plain outfit on underneath.
However, as much as I love this I simply cannot wait for summer. I want to get cute little camis, layering necklaces and rings. I want to go blonder and hopefully get more of a tan... lets just say my fake tan is pretty bad at the moment!
What do you enjoy more, summer or winter fashion? To put it simply I enjoy summer more but prefer the clothes I get to wear in the winter. 

If you were going out for a nice lunch or just wanted to be more dressy, a pair of heels would look great or a pair of black chunky boots. 
I really like how this jumper fits, its super cosy buy not overbearingly hot. It's slouchy and the arms cuff at the end to make sure the cold doesn't get in. I feel like this is a jumper I will definitely keep this piece for next season. I love those items in your wardrobe that are versatile and can be used year in and year out. I want to become more conscious of what i'm wearing. I find I change style so much I am constantly buying which isn't good for the environment or my wallet! 
I love a good bargain but sometimes it's good to question why something is so cheap. That's why going forward I'm going to be prepared to spend a little more, but get better quality and hopefully more wear out of things. 


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