Monday, 8 January 2018

What's On My Pandora Bracelet

I have had my Pandora bracelet for over a year now and wear it pretty much everyday. I try to keep it as clean and sparkly as I can and take care of it in the way they advise (no wearing it in the shower etc). All of my charms mean something to me so I thought I'd come on here to explain all of them to you. Some of these charms were gifted to me and some were bought with money given to me from my birthday and Christmas. But, like I said, whether they were bought for me or not, they all have a significant meaning to me.
**I will explain the charms going left to right as shown in the picture above.

1. Charm No. 1

This charm is actually a clip which I use to stop all of my other charms sliding around. I bought it with combined birthday money from my 17th. I wanted to buy this charm because one, I needed a clip, and two, because it is made of little pink flowers. My nan has always had an amazing garden, full of flowers and bushes. When I saw this charm it instantly reminded me of her, so I had to have it.

2. Charm No. 2

This charm was bought in conjunction with the one above. I was spending some birthday money and also wanted my first "dangly" charm to go on my bracelet. I have been blogging and been a lover of fashion since my 15th birthday and wanted a charm that reflected that. So what better than a sparkly encrusted shoe! I love this charm and how dainty it is. Also how it catches the slight and makes my bracelet even more sparkly!

3. Charm No. 3

The third charm was bought for me for Christmas by my boyfriend two weeks after we had officially got together. My middle name is Rose hence why he went for the rose gold. I love the little eternity symbols on the charm; it is simple but stands out as all my others are silver. I love this little charm and was in fact the second charm I ever had. I find it complements my bracelet and helps to break up the other charms as it is a different colour.

4. Charm No. 4

Charm 4 was bought for me for my 18th birthday by my mum and dad. Anyone that knows me knows I am and have been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast ever since I was a little girl. The film has great sentimental value. Once I found Disney were doing a collab with Pandora I just had to have this charm! I found out that originally, mum and dad had bought me a different charm for my 18th, but when I sent them the screenshot of this one, they changed it right away!

5. Charm No. 5

This was the first ever charm I had on my bracelet. I bought it with my own money. It's a sparkly paw print meant to relate to my little baby Luna (she's my cat if you didn't know). I love that little baby so much and wanted a reminder of heron my charm bracelet. She is the funniest little thing as is definitely a diva. That's why I felt this sparkly charm did her justice.

6. Charm No. 6

The final charm on my bracelet was also gifted to me for my 18th birthday, buy by my best friends. They got me a Violet Voss Palette (yes, BEST friends they are!) as well as this 18 charm for my bracelet. I love this charm as it reminds me of my party I had with all of my family and my closest friends. Thank you girls <3

7. Safety Chain

I wanted a safety chain for my bracelet as I was worried about it ever coming undone and me losing all of my precious charms. As all of my charms meant something to me I also wanted a safety chain that was the same. One of the girls from school was out in Florida at the time and I had been looking at Pandora in Disney (as I'm going their July '18) and came across this Mickey and Minnie safety chain. I HAD to have it. So I messaged the girls from school asking if she'd be kind enough to get my the charm in Florida and bring it back home for me, where then I would pay her back. And she did! So I now have this gorgeous safety chain which means just as much as the charms - I have been Disney World 12 time this year and consider the Magic Kingdom my second home, hence why I wanted this chain so badly.

I'd love to know what charms you have! You can tweet me on Twitter using my handle which is in the sidebar.



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