Saturday, 20 January 2018

What I Eat in a Day

Since the beginning of the new year I've taken it upon myself to start a new healthy lifestyle. No, it's not a fad diet where I only eat cabbage soup for 3 months or replace my meals with shakes (which have more sugar than anything I've ever eaten). Instead it's about me making better choices in terms of my health and well being. Eating lots of veggies and fruit, drinking plenty and still enjoying the foods I love.
On a weekly basis I try to make better food decisions. Cutting the fat off, having brown bread, pasta and rice, not having that syrup infused coffee and if I REALLY need a snack, having fruit instead of a bag of crisps or a biscuit. I still enjoy the foods I love but have them in moderation.
I find it a lot easier to stick to my healthy lifestyle during the week, where I have the security of my school routine, at the weekend its a little more difficult; getting up later, grazing throughout the day or getting a takeaway. But, I do the best I can.
I'm going to show you what I eat during the week. Obviously it varies but I try to stick to meals similar to this with 50% of my plate made up of fruit and veg.


For breakfast I usually have this: low fat greek yogurt, natural honey (to sweeten), some frozen raspberries and granola sprinkled on top. I love having this breakfast as it fills me up and is super tasty. You can mix it up with different fruit or toppings to suit your taste. It's a breakfast that doesn't bloat me out which I like. I used to not have breakfast at all so the fact I am having it now everyday, is an achievement in itself.


For lunch I will usually have some type of salad. It looks like a lot on this plate but don't forget 50% of it is veggies (which I need more of to fill me up). On this day I had lettuce, red pepper and carrots for the salad part, some hummus and prawns cooked in wholegrain mustard and some orzo which is shaped like rice and tastes like pasta! This lunch is great as it is super tasty and in proportion of my daily "allowances". I love mixing it up too.


If I really need a snack I try to make it some form of fruit or veg. I've been loving satsumas lately and usually have 2 a day. On top of that I have figured a way to eat apples with my braces, and have one a day. I also enjoy chopped up carrots, peppers and other fruit to snack on! Sometimes I will have a handful of nuts (plain) for extra protein.


For dinner I always have what my mum cooks. She does great home made meals, and we rarely have frozen food or takeways. On this night I had sweet and sour chicken with spring rolls. Usually I would just have rice with it, but as a better choice I had less rice and mixed some green beans and peas in for some more veggies. This filled me up and tasted great.

I must tell you I'm not perfect. Like today I had a cookie and not even kidding I felt bad for it! aha! But, it's all about allowing yourself to still enjoy your food. If you block out all the things you enjoy you will crash and burn and binge eat, I promise, I've done it before!
The best thing is to make small but effective decisions and ease yourself into your healthy lifestyle.
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