Friday, 12 January 2018

Mini Zara Sale Haul

So, I placed this order on the 28th December and it arrived on 8th January... a long time, I know. However I was pleasantly surprised by the items that I ordered. I got a size Small in everything and can I just say, I've fallen in love with these items. I was in need of some good tops that were both dressy and easy to wear. When I went to the Zara sale in Bluewater, my mum and I quickly backed out of the store as it was packed and stuffy. However, I visited their online sale and got some bits which I thought I would like.

As usual the packaging was in tact and presented really nice (the packaging is 100% recyclable, brownie points to Zara). The items fit perfect and are a great step out of my comfort zone! I think I did pretty good on this one...

The first item I bought was this crepe type material blouse. I am loving the colour red at the moment - it is a fiery colour which complements my monochrome outfit style perfectly. I love the floral detailing and how lightweight the top is. It would look great with jeans or leather trousers as well as made more casual by tying up with a skirt and some heeled boots.
I loved the top so much that I also got it in a more autumnal colour palette. I was unsure at first, but I want to branch my personal style out so decided to keep it as something different.



I also bought two "safer" tops which I knew I'd love and would wear plenty of times. The first one has a Chanel-esque tweed feel to it. The other is embellished with beautiful pearls and sparklies. I will get so much use out of these tops and find they can make a plain outfit really dressy. Good for going out out in! Or, when I go shopping.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-haul. I did also purchase one more top but was having trouble photographing it as it's black!

PM x 
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