Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Affordable Benefit POREfessional Dupe

As someone who has oily skin and large pores, the Benefit POREfessional has been a hold grail primer of mine for some time now. Its silicone texture helps to fill in your pores whilst not looking cakey or going funky under your makeup. As much as I love this primer I do not love the price tag. A full size of the POREfessional will set you back around almost £30. It does last a long time, but I don't always want to fork out that much for a primer.That's why for some time now I've been looking for a cheaper drug-store alternative.

E.L.F is a brand which has been introduced to UK stores recently through the Superdrug website. They offer affordable makeup but with high end quality. I have known about e.l.f for a while from my travels to America (where I hit Target makeup up pretty hard). When I heard that they were coming to the UK I knew I just had to try more products.

For Christmas I asked for one of their foundations and also their pore filling primer. The first time It ried the primer I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is nice (for the price) and the pink colour of the primer makes it feel super girly and pretty. The texture of the primer is similar to the PORE-fessions, just more slippery. Upon applying it to the skin I notices how it completely blurred my bored and uneven texture that I have on my chin.

As I said it has a slip to it - which I actually find help my foundation go on more flawlessly. It doesn't feel drying and also doesn't cling to the off dry patches which I have on my face. The real selling point for me is the fact that it doesn't contribute to the oil production on my face. If I put the POREfessional on my nose I find my oils go crazy - the reason why I concentrate it only on my problematic areas. With the e.l.f primer, I wanted to experiment so put it all over m face. No over-oiliness to my pleasant surprise!

I would definitely recommend this primer for the price. e.l.f also have other primers which I am intrigued to try out. Alongside the pore filling primer they also have a mineral face primer, a hydrating primer,  blemish control primer, an illuminating face primer, a tone adjusting face primer in brightening lavender and the same in neutralising green. All of which come at the affordable price of £7.50! not forgetting if you have student discount you can save 10% across the whole of Superdrug with a Health & Beauty Card.


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