Monday, 29 January 2018

2018 Trend Forecast

It's good to know what will be coming into season when shopping for your new wardrobe. Going in to SS18 I have looked at some fashion magazines and fellow bloggers to try and pick out the most important, yet wearable trends which will be taking over the high street this. It's' key to remember that trends are there as a guideline for your clothes. You don't HAVE to wear them, yet I like to follow what may be coming in as a matter of interest and curiosity. Some of these trends may help influence your whole outfit, or maybe only a section of it. Either way here are the most wearable and interesting trends that I have picked out for 1208...


 Transparent material or "sheer" is going to be popular in 2018. Big fashion house Christian Dior showcased this in their SS18 collection. Sheer clothing can seem a bit daunting to the everyday man and women. Obviously, it doesn't do a great job at covering up - however, there are ways in which it can be done tastefully and most importantly wearable.
By using oversized underwear or "basics" underneath you can ensure all areas which need covering are covered, but still have the beauty of the sheer clothing over the top. I find that lace and mesh are a great introductory material to this Sheer trend and they are more wearable. For the hardcore fashionistas, there is clothing made out of the sheerest of materials, adding just a coloured hue to your skin or a layer of iridescence.
Micro-Trend: Clear plastic bags are a great way to incorporate the Sheer trend through your accessories. They give off a very 90s nostalgic feel, but are super easy to wear and look great.


Personally, I thought that fringing found its place in festival-wear, alongside flower crowns and peace signs. However, it's now found it's place in mainstream fashion, introduced  by the likes of Chanel, Celine and Loewe (see below). The thing with fringing is that it can't be done lightheartedly. It needs to be the stand out thing about your outfit, made of luxe or modern fabrics, helping to add texture to your outfit.
The best way to put fringing in your outfit is by having a fringed jacket. It can be worn as a statement piece (but also easily removed so it can be added and taken away).
Micro-Trend: Again, if you're nervous about utilising this trend in your wardrobe do it through accessories. A fringed back or even tassel earrings are a great way to ease yourself into this statement trend.


It feels like Nineties trends have been making a comeback ever since Kylie Jenner debuted her iconic brown lips. Everywhere you go in the high street, at least a small section of the store seems as if it's been in a time machine and has come back with  overalls and neon windbreakers. As someone who was born in the 90s (yes the latter half of 1999 still counts), it's great to see these trends coming back.
Top Tip: Instead of buying new through back clothes, maybe ask an older family members if they have any clothes from the 90s which you could borrow and style yourself. Go into charity shops too, there are hidden gems in there and always 80% cheaper than you will get in any store! You never know, you may come across a old band tee or some combat boots!


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