Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Body Image and Fashion

I'm generally a UK 8. However, I range from a 6-10 depending what shop I'm in. This wide scale of sizes for my one body creates a lot of confusion when shopping for clothes. I accept what my body looks like and 90% of the time have no problem with it. However, for someone who has body confidence issues, the fact the size clothing they wear ranges from 3 sizes can make them feel even worse about themselves.

There has been some progress in the last few years of no size 0 models, more clothes for "plus sizes" and more emphasis on body acceptance and love. However, models shouldn't just be a size 2, they should represent the society they're in. Shops shouldn't have "plus size ranges" just more sizes in the ranges they already have. And magazines shouldn't preach about loving your body then have an article on the next page about another fad diet and losing weight.

I love fashion and the industry. I love the amazing people I've come across through their social media. But seeing so many different people, all different shapes, sizes and confidence has really opened my eyes to the struggles people face when it comes to their body image.

Just because you're a UK 18+ doesn't mean you should have to ask the girl in the store where the plus size section is? Why does it need a specific title. We don't have an "average" section do we? It doesn't make sense why we have to categorise people based on whether they're average or not.

In terms of self confidence, you should NEVER not feel beautiful. I'm sure you see things like this all the time about accepting yourself and loving yourself but it is so true. Yes, some of my tops are a UK 6, that still doesn't stop me hating the fat that's on the bottom of my stomach or the dimples and cellulite on my legs does it? People think just because you're a certain size means you'll be happy and you wont!

At the end of they day you have to be comfortable with yourself. YES! Wear that tight dress or that crop top. Who cares what you can see as long as you want to wear it and are comfortable then please go for it. I feel more inspired by someone who is confident in their outfit rather than someone who's covering up because they're worried what people might see.

Just know that whatever you wear, how you wear it or why you wear it, as long as you feel like a QUEEN that's all that matters <3.

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