Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Women of Colour and Beauty

So, you can probably tell that I myself am not a woman of colour (I barely have any colour let alone being a medium to deep dark skin tone aha). I've been watching a variety of different Youtubers and reading blogs from a large demographic of people to know how diverse our community is. Now, one thing I've noticed - especially when watching people such as Jackie Aina and Patricia Bright - is not a lot of makeup companies cater for women of colour. Now why is that?

I know that when I'm extremely pale I find it so difficult to find makeup that matches me. It's frustrating seeing everyone else trying out cheap or amazing products only for them not to match me. I can imagine this being the same for WOC... only you have it worse.

I don't understand why a whole section of people are left out in the beauty market. From my understanding brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills have tried to be as inclusive as possible but there is still a large amount of people left out.

Nyma Tang is a beauty Youtuber who has the deepest most beautiful skin ever! I've only been subscribed to her for a few months but love her videos as she highlights how difficult it is for people with a skin tone as deep as hers to find beauty (mainly complexion) products that works.

When researching products for the darkest of dark complexions I came across a few brands that I haven't heard of IMAN Cosmetics, Black Opal, Black Up. I just find it a shame that you'd have to go to a more indie brand to get what you need let alone want!

With the recent release of Fenty Beauty, it's been shown that having an extensive range of foundation shades can be done. It's just the questions as to why haven't other brands done it and why has it taken this long?

I just wanted to write this post to show that I recognise that there is an issue here with  the variety of colours and tones available. As we become more connected there is such a variety of skin tones which should be catered for. People with numerous different mixed ethnicities, providing a wide range of beautiful skin tones. No wonder brands find it hard to cater for all. I just think there needs to be more recognition for those at the very end of the spectrum. What's your opinion on this topic?

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