Monday, 11 September 2017

Products I've Been Loving

I'm always looking for new makeup products, to experiment and see what's new. Although, sometimes I like to use what I already have and "rediscover" almost things I already have in my drawer. The products I'm listing below are items I've rediscovered and are loving at the moment! They range form high end to drugstore so there's something for everyone!
I'd love to know what you're loving at the moment.

Hoola is a cult favourite. I find it to be a great bronzing and contouring shade as it isn't too warm and does'nt look ashy on my face. You get the cute Benefit packaging as well as a brush that I find great for carving out those cheekbones! Definitely one of my faves and something I'm going to HAVE to repurchase!

I love MAC blushes, and this one is becoming a fast favourite of mine. I've had it for quite a while but never really reached for it. Whilst i was on holiday I used it all the time, I can appreciate how beautiful it looks. It gives such a beautiful glow and a flush of pink on the cheeks! It doesn't look chalky at all which is something I hate in paler blushes. Perfect for those with light-medium skin. 

Sometimes I really cannot be bothered to do my eyebrows. This product makes that process so much easier and quicker! This tinted brow gel adds a great colour for those who are blonde (not orange). The gel itself isn't crunchy and doesn't flake. It hold my eyebrows like glue. I cannot recommend this gel enough, it comes in other colour too, including transparent!

You can't go wrong with a bit of glitter. Now for someone who wears contact lenses, I worry particularly over anything that could scratch or damage my lenses which goes on my eyes. These glitters from NYX are amazing! They have a great colour range and are eye safe too. For the £5.50 price tag, I want to buy ll of the colours so i can sparkly 24/7...

I love shimmer on the eyes. If it's not the kind of place to wear glitter I always reach for a loose pigment to give me some shine. These pigments by MAC are the best. I will never go through a whole one in my life as they last so long! You can buy mini ones for £10, and of course knowing MAC they have a tonne of different colours too. 

You can't go wrong with a liquid lip. These ones from NYX are obvs a cult favourite too but I've only just recently fallen into the hype. They are lightweight and I find they don't accentuate the fine lines on my lips. They have gorgeous berry shades for autumn as well as bright corals for the summer. Their price tag is wallet friendly so what's not to love. 

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