Thursday, 17 August 2017

Inspiration and Going Forward

I've hit a little bit of a writers block lately. I've been investing more of my time into my YouTube channel (link in the sidebar) and have been neglecting my blog a little bit. However, in terms of inspiration, I have loads of it.

I have recently discovered many bloggers who are of similar age to mine, who's content I love. The way they write, the quality of their pictures and what they choose to discuss are inspiring me massively. The thing that I'm struggling with is how to incorporate it into my own work.

I find inspiration in so many different things: places I want to travel, clothes, makeup, photography, social issues and things going on all around me. With the recent failure of my computer I have been unable to write down or note my inspirations, so now I'm using the school computer (shhh) I have no topics that I want to discuss on the top of my head.

I feel like I'm writing this just to get out how much of an awkward situation I'm in. I want to write, but am unable to. I want to take amazing photos, but am unable to. I want to film more videos, but are unable to. The hours in a day and the school work and personal life things I have going on are getting in the way of what I love doing most. Going forward I'm going to make more time for my blog, more time for my videos and more time for my photography.

I feel like I spend so much time trying to cram things in my day which I definitely don't have or need to do. This is the time I should spend doing the things I love. I want to sit and write and work out a proper schedule for my videos and posts. My engagement has been doing quite well recently - regardless of the shambles that we know as Instagram. However, I want to be more consistent, more professional.

I've decided on my YouTube channel I will be posting my weekly vlogs on Monday's and my beauty/fashion related videos on Wednesdays. I then want to upload a blog post every Saturday. That way across all of my platforms I have regular content.

I hope this post wasn't too boring, I wrote it for myself really; as something I can come back to when I need reminding of when and why I post. I'm intrigued to see what everyone else's schedules are and where they gain their inspiration from.

*** I wrote this post a while back 


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