Saturday, 29 July 2017

Taking Time For Yourself - Audley End House

On Friday, my family and I visited Audley End House in Saffron Walden. It's part of the English Heritage and holds amazing tranquil landscapes as well as the house itself. Places like this provide an escape for me. I find myself becoming so consumed by work, blogging, YouTube and day to day tasks,  that I forget to take time to myself and just breathe.

I have a mini obsession with keeping myself busy - although I am a very productive person this doesn't always work in my favour. I end up wearing myself down, getting ill, or mentally unstable - yes, the anxiety creeps back in if I let it. Spending time with my family in open spaces like this help to almost cleans the frustration and tenseness out of me; it enables me to regroup what I have to do and separate it from what I want to do.

Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to capture some outfit pictures ready for this post, but despite still "working" I found myself feeling the more relaxed and calm than I have done in weeks!

If you find yourself becoming stressed please, please, please just find time - (20,30,40 minutes...etc)  just to spend on yourself. Whether it's going for a drive, getting your nails done, doing a hair mask or spending time with someone you value. We are obsessed with trying to run ourselves into the ground with work and stress which does us no favours.

Mental health needs to be addressed more and sympathised with. Too many people find themselves drowning in everyday tasks and run themselves down. Those few minutes you spend each day may help to rid you of some of that stress, just like this visit did for me.


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