Saturday, 1 July 2017

Review: Buxom Lip Creme


At first glance you can see, the packaging is gorgeous! The diamond embellishment on the top of the lid adds a glamorous touch, the bottle is of a good weight, enough to not feel cheap. I love how BUXOM is written clearly down the side of the bottle, and how the bottle is frosted. To me these little touches make it look expensive and a show piece - more than just a lip gloss. The packaging is a little bulky to keep in your purse but this isn't something that puts me off. The applicator is a great size and deposits enough product without wasting - which is essential for me as I have a habit of being a bit heavy-handed.


The formula is a cream-like texture that isn't too thick or runny on the lips. I like how it has a slight tackiness to it - for me if a lip gloss slides too much it ends up all over my face. The gloss itself is very reflective and I like that it doesn't include any glitter as on my lips this ends up looking a little tacky on me and emphasises the lines and dryness of them. It makes my lips look fuller and plumper and is great if I'm going for an overall dewy look. The formula has a peppermint tingle to it which I enjoy. May not be so great in the colder months but does a good job at plumping your lips!


I have the shade "White Russian" which is a nude, pale pink shade. With this shade there isn't loads of pigmentation which I like as I can go for a natural gloss look or put it on top of a bright shade without disrupting the colour. I'm not sure whether the darker shades are more pigmentation, but for me, this amount is just fine. I like how this colour (only slightly) lightens my lipstick underneath, or gives my natural lips a pale hue which I love!


I would definitely recommend this lip gloss to a friend. It is quite expensive, and you can find comparable lip glosses at the drugstore, however, the packaging is stunning and you're paying for that! It would be great as a showpiece, as a present for someone, or if you just want to treat yourself.

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