Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Make-Up Look: Orange Tones

1. Choose a primer and foundation and apply evenly to the face - I used a dampened real techniques beauty sponge

2. Apply your concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes (I use a lot of concealer to get rid of dark circles and add dimension to my face).

3. Apply a setting powder and draw on/ fill in your eyebrows. I use the Laura Mercier powder in my t-zone to control my oil and the hourglass powder to add dimension and glow back to my face. 
For my eyebrows I use the L'oreal wax and powder. Applying the wax all over and then the powder to the tail of my brow for added definition.

4. Use your bronzer of choice and apply to the outer perimeter of the face. Take a highlight and place on your cheekbones (be sure to blend so there isn't a stripe) and anywhere else you want to reflect light off of).

5. Here I have the Morphe 35O palette to create the orange look. (1st number = horizontal row, 2nd number = vertical row, in order of how I used them).
4X2 Applied to the crease to make blending easier
5X2 Also applied to the crease to darken
7X1 Built up in the crease and blended out to give a blown out look
6X5 Applied to the lid of my eye then blended out so there is no harsh edges
7X3 Added to the crease to intensify the colour 
1X3 Added to the inner corner for highlight

6. Use eyeliner if you want and apply a thick coat of mascara (or use falsies).

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