Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why I Deleted My Blog Instagram and Started Again

I had my previous Instagram account for my blog since 2013. Over the years I had racked up almost 10K followers. I had never ever bought followers but yes, I did have a tendancy to follow and unfollow other users. I know it was wrong, but I was 13 and believed in quantity over quality.
In recent weeks the interaction on my Instagram had reached an all-time low, I was lucky if I could get 30 likes on a photo; obviously not in correlation with my near 10K followers.

This is when I decided to do some investigating. I was looking at other bloggers with the same style and views as me. Even though some of them had less than 3K their interaction was almost ten times as much as mine was.This is when I was thinking of deleting my account and starting again.

 I am very proud of my blog and how far I've come. I ignored the "hate" comments from some of my peers and have managed to build something I can call my own. I wanted to gain a following which I felt I could relate to. People of my generation who loved fashion as beauty as I did. People I could interact with and have conversations with. meet up with and discuss blog ideas with. I want comments from people and genuine likes form those who enjoy my content.

Twitter is a platform that I felt ups the personal relationships with other bloggers. There is definitely more interaction on there so I'm going to focus on finding others similar to me. I'm also not going to aim for a certain amount of followers on my Instagram. I'm going to posts things I enjoy, comment and follow back those I'm interested in and hopefully see where that gets me. 

I know getting followers nowadays isn't easy. There are so many bloggers out there (most of whom have a Youtube channel which, whilst I'm doing A-Levels, working, have friends, family,  a boyfriend and other hobbies, I just simply don't have the time to start one without sacrificing one of those things). So I need to make sure I stand out from the crowd and put myself on the blogging map.

My Twitter: @PhoebeeMoon (or click the twitter icon to the right of my page)
My NEW Instagram: @phoebemoonn (or click the Instagram icon to the right of my page)
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