Friday, 17 February 2017

Hot, Not and WTF : The Grammy Awards 2017

Who was HOT?

1. Demi Lovato in Julien McDonald

I adore this dress. Designed by Julien McDonald I think it perfectly hugs Demi's curves and has a hint of sexiness with the keyhole cut in the centre. She's portaying Grecian or Egyptian goddess vibes wth effortless wavy hair and heavy rings. I think she looks amazing here which is why I've put her in the HOT list. 

2. Adele in Givenchy

Adele is the epitome of class on the red carpet. She never fails to wow the cameras with her choice of outfit. This dress by Givenchy is both classic yet with a modern twist due to the different shades of green used. She's making a statement with this dress but still holds an element of elegance - this is why she's put in my HOT list.

3. Beyonce in Peter Dundas

If anyone can be pregnant with twins and still slay a performance at the Grammy's, it's Beyonce. She wowed in this Peter Dundas creation which featured a plunging neckline, flowing sleeves and ornate embellishment. She is radiating the goddess look Dundas referred to Beyonce as a "Venus" which we can totally agree with in this design - she is HOT.

Who was NOT?

1. Halsey in Christian Wijnants

I just really don't get this design. It looks award to wear (nip slip) and seems like she's wearing satin pyjamas on the red carpet. They've tried to dress it up with some accessories but it just doesn't seem to work. Her hair and makeup are great. She has an amazing body so why cover it up with loose fitting nightwear, this is NOT.

2. Celine Dion in Zurhair Murad

I'm debating whether comparing her to a Christmas tree would be too harsh but I do have to say, I hate this dress. The padded shoulders, dramatic v-neck plunge, a leg split that's too high, a bow belt which seems like it belongs on a 5-year-olds head and all in a colour which should be just for the festive season. This dress should NOT have happened.

3. Solange in GUCCI

I've seen a lot of articles saying that they love what Solange is wearing here but I just can seem to like it. I think it makes her look frumpy (yes, frumpy). If the middle section of frill was taken out I think that I'd appreciate it a little more, however the way it is, it is NOT for me. 

4. Katy Perry in Tom Ford

Perry always seems to wow on the red carpet however this ensemble by Tom Ford flopped majorly. Is the top half was form fitting and didn't come down as low, it would look amazing. This dress on the model looked so for Katy to even attempt to pull it off would've proven extremely difficult. This is NOT a good look.


1. Cee Lo Green 

No comment.

2. Girl Crush

No comment.

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