Saturday, 1 October 2016

Soft Cranberry Cut Crease: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

It's October meaning the autumn is officially upon us. I love autumn, not just for the change in weather but the new clothes and makeup colours/trends which appear every year!
I'm currently obsessed with cranberry shades - some find these shades hard to pull off, but with the technique I've learned it looks good every time!

Step 1: Golden Ochre
I begin with taking Golden Ochre from the ABH palette and putting it in my crease from inner corner to outer corner as a transition shade. This makes all the other shades easier to blend.

Step 2: Realgar
Realgar is a vibrant orange shade which I also put all over my crease. To achieve a seamlessly blended look you have to build up colours, so by using this shade I'm now introducing more intense pigments.

 Step 3: Love Letter
I repeat what I just did with Realgar but with the shade Love Letter. This is a gorgeous deep pink colour and the introduction to the cranberry shades. Remember, don't go in heavy handed, building up colour is best. You can always add but you can't take away.

Step 4: Venetian Red
This is definitely one of my favourite shades. It's the final step regarding crease colours. The brush I used comes in the ABH palette and works amazingly well with the shadows. You can go as light or dark as you want just repeat the same movement (like a windshield wiper) and BLEND BLEND BLEND!

Step 5: L'Oreal Infallible Shadow in "Iced Latte"
I'm now going to take one of my favourite shimmery shadow - using my finger (to increase the pigment) - I then apply it directly to my lid. As I have hooded, oily eye lids I keep the shadow right near my lash line so it doesn't transfer onto my matte crease. If you have larger, dryer eyelids you may not have this problem.

Step 6:
Take your favourite eyeliner and apply. Include a wing if you're feeling extra sassy! I then took a mixture of Venetian Red and Golden Ochre and blended it our on my lower lash line. 
Finally I took some mascara and applied to both my upper and lower eyelashes. 

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