Sunday, 18 September 2016

NYFW: Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection

     If the 70's, 90's and Sailor Moon had a baby you'd be left with the latest Marc Jacobs show, with the platforms and candy coloured dreds the models topped 7-foot. At first glance the pieces may seem too "far out there" especially due to the fact they've been paired with other extreme items from the collection. But, each piece individually can be fairly easy to wear. 
     I love the amazing applique, embellishment and textures throughout this collection. It seems as if Jacobs has managed to incorporate everything into one show yet still hold a form of simplicity and elegance within the clothes. Some compared his set to that of a rave, despite the clothing being much too precious to go anywhere near the clubbing scene. 
     For next Spring, predicting from this show, satins and metallics will become very popular. Patterns and textures are what it's all about and making a statement with your style. Clashing patterns were popular in the 70's and yet again are making a comeback. Whether you're going bold in terms of colour or pattern, getting out of your simplistic comfort-zone will ensure you're bang on trend for next Spring. 

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