Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Burberry at Makers House

          Burberry had their first ever public fashion show at Makers House of Thursday 22nd September. My mum and I visited Makers House the following Saturday to see what was going on. When we arrived we were greeted in the most gorgeous courtyard area. Full off amazing plants, statues and busts - the weather was amazing, it lit up the area perfectly (couldn't resist an outfit picture could I)? Being a British brand in the heart of London the setting was perfect. 
          As we entered there were so many different things going on. The actual house was dimly lit but natural lighting streamed in through the windows which gave it such an authentic, rustic feeling. There were embroiders, sculptors and craftsmen all on display. The atmosphere was so relaxing, it was easy to let time slip away.
          As we made our way around we came across a staircase which led to the second floor of the house. On this floor was Burberry's new collection which had been unveiled only two days earlier! We were allowed to touch the clothes, weave in and out of them, take pictures and study the intricate designs, textures and patterns.
          As a fashion blogger I see many picture of clothes from many collections. All of which are great, but actually being able to see the pieces in real life, to touch them and admire the amazing craftsmanship truly brought me a new found level of respect for the whole team behind the collections.

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