Monday, 29 August 2016

Autumn 2016 Trends You Should Expect

1. The One Shoulder

A one shoulder bodysuit is a simplistic way to be on trend this Autumn. Kind of like the bardot craze that has taken off this summer it shows being sexy can be both tasteful and classy. This is a trend that can also be incorporated into evening wear and daytime looks making it extremely versatile and giving you room to experiment!

2. Statement Chokers

Another hit from a 90's favourites. Return of the choker, but this time they're bigger and better than ever. These chokers can be the fantastic talking point of your outfit. The bigger the better, add embellishment or even custom make your own. Beads, pearls, diamantes and more. 

3. Pink and Yellow

It's quite unusual to see bright colours for autumn time but this trend is refreshing. If you struggle with colour maybe add a pop to your outfit with shoes, bag or jacket. However, if you are scared by this bold trend maybe go for a rusted red and mustard yellow combo to ease yourself into it!

4. Pinstripe Details

Another season , another pattern trend. This pattern can help you look sophisticated and well put together. It's great on skirts and suits as demonstrated above. TIP: Vertical stripes slim your body and horizontal stripes widen your body.

5. Tinsel

Okay, so it's not literally tinsel, BUT it does include anything that could possibly attract a magpie. Reflective golds and silvers as well as sparkly ruffles and bows. I've seen many skirts around with this trend so maybe that's the safest way to start. This isn't for the faint hearted but can look amazing if you get it right.

6. Renaissance Inspiration

Who would have though Tudor style was coming back into fashion? Jk, but bell sleeves, corsets and the makeup to match echoes that of eras past. Velvet is a popular material for this style (which is also another trend) so look out for something old looking - it's actually pretty stylish right now!

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