Thursday, 7 April 2016

SS16 Trends

1) The 90's (Saint Laurent)

We've previously seen the 70's as a spring/summer trend, but now dust of your double denim and bomber jackets as the 90's are back. We've seen the current hit of the brown lipstick in the makeup world, with Kylie Jenner initiating the craze, but now the 90's trend is making it's way into fashion too. 

2) Slip Dress (Burberry)

This Slip Dress trend (or the nightwear trend as I like to call is) will be a massive hit during the summer months. It ties in with the 90's trend but holds it's own as it comes in a variety of styles and colors. It's extremely slimming and sexy but can be played down with a bomber jacket or some trainers instead of heels. 

3) Ruffels (Roberto Cavalli)

This may seem an outdated trend but it has been completely revamped to suit the springtime. Pastel coloured ruffles will be massive. This trend would look great with a blouse or dress as shown above. A great way to add texture to an otherwise plain outfit.

4) Vivid Colour (Gucci)  

Now I'm a traditional black, white and grey person so to see colour making a comeback does scare me quite a bit. Although, to see more bright items may give more inspiration. A pop of colour is always a good way to go about things if you're hesitant to introduce more colour. 

5) Graphic Stripes (Dolce and Gabbana)

Stripes are a great optical illusion, They can make you appear taller and/or slimmer. This example from Dolce and Gabbana may be a bit extreme, but even a top or skirt is one way to incorporate this trend into your outfit. I think the stripes would look great with an off the shoulder bardot style top. Caution! You don't want to look like a sailor!

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