Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Chanel Spring 2016 Couture

     I don't know what it is about Chanel, but all of their pieces just ooze sophistication, elegance and classiness. They epitomise Parisian fashion and prove how out-there designs can still be wearable when paired with the right things. Their Spring Couture collection sees neutrals take centre-stage which is something that will appeal and look good on almost everyone. Their classic box jacket style shone through alongside the tweeded pattern that we all know and love and associate with Chanel.
     Lagerfeld introduced some amazing embellishment to some of the pieces. There was also fringing, lace, flares and florals - all very pretty, all very feminine. I love the intricate detailing on the clothes, it demonstrates how fashion is an art form and attention to detail is second to none. 
     Accessories were kept simple with cork soled shoes, a common theme throughout. The womanly silhouettes added to the elegance. Fringing and styles replicated that of the 1920s - yet again an era full of femininity and sophistication  with fun and entertainment (which is where we see the embellishment coming through). 

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