Friday, 15 January 2016

Spring 2016 Trend Report... According to Vogue

1) Look As If You've Just Got Up

Yes, as silly as it might sound, many styles of clothing for Spring 2016 resemble that of silk nightdresses. Although they may not be practical for everyday use, as eveningwear they possess a simple elegance (and save you having to get your pj's on when you crawl into bed!)

2) Romantacise Your Ensemble

Create a look which screams new-romantic. Add lace, floral designs and wispy silhouettes to achieve this. Great for when the temperature gets hot and you want something more free-flowing. Adds a hint of Parisian style.

3) Sparkles!

It's no secret that us girls (and some guys) love a bit of sparkle - so it's great news that it's going to be in for Spring 2016. You can incorporate this trend into your personal style by either adding a hint of sparkle, such as a top or accessories; or by adding a LOT of sparkle such as a dress. 

4) Off-The-Shoulder

The off the shoulder trend is a great way to add sexiness to a outfit without revealing too much and keeping things tasteful. It draws attention to the upper half of your body and can be flattering for your decolletage area.  

5) Dyed and True

Back to bohemian roots I say. Tie-dye is back and it's better than ever. Bigger, bolder prints, alongside softer, paler patterns make this already crazy pattern that much more interesting. If you seem intimidated by tie-dye maybe introduce it subtly - items such as scarfs are a good way to start.

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