Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Style : Luxemme

Top : Luxemme
Jeans : Topshop
Bag: River Island
Shoes : River Island 

          Hey everyone! I have recently been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the UK brand Luxemme – and they were kind enough to send me the gorgeous pink blouse I am wearing in the photos above.
I hadn’t previously heard of the brand but after them getting in touch I browsed their website and it’s fair to say the overall style of the pieces for sale are great! So wearable yet still different.
          I was told that Luxemme prides themselves in the quality of their clothing. And it’s no secret that often with quality comes a big price tag. I was bemused at how a company could sell such affordable clothes without compensating on the quality, so I waited until my parcel arrived for further inspection…
        I couldn't believe it! The material that my blouse was made of was super soft and I could see from holding it up that the material fell beautifully. Once I had tried it on I could really appreciate the craftsmanship that they pride themselves so much on at Luxemme. No odd lumps or bumps or dodgy stitches. The blouse itself is amazing - I really loved the pleats at the front too!
I love the clothing that they have over at Luxemme (ClickHere) – if you’re looking for clothes which are easily to style yet look well put together I’d hugely recommend heading over to their website. A few of my favourites include:

- My Savannah Pleated Blouse (Click Here)
- Mila High Neck Dress (Click Here)
- Camellia High Neck Jumper (Click Here)

          As a blogger I was highly impressed with Luxemme, the people who work there, the prices and the quality. I can’t wait to see what else they bring out which I can get my hands on!

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