Monday, 20 July 2015

Top 10 Summer Picks

1) Off The Shoulder Top

New Look: Rust Crochet Panel Cold-Shoulder 3/4 Length Sleeve Top 

Add some dimension to your outfit with an "off the shoulder" piece. A great way to expose some skin without being too risqué. Perfect if it includes some detailing - such as the piece above - to really bump up your style. 

2) Swing Dress

Miss Guided: Strappy Cami Dress Cream Elephant 

Swing dresses are perfect for those hot summer nights and
come in a variety of cuts and patterns. You can go " Plain Jane" with a simple design and pair with a bold, statement necklace. Or, go for something like the Cami Dress above where the pattern does all of the talking.

3) Suede

New Look Tan Suedette Scallop Hem Cami

Faux Suede is great to add texture to your ensemble. It looks fun and is so comfortable to wear. New Look have some great faux suede options which can be paired with a variety of bottoms including skirts and shorts. Another item great for holiday.

4) Tassels 

Tassels are GREAT for nailing that 70's trend which is so hot for summer this year. If you're too scared to include it in your clothes why not use it in your accessories? A subtle hit of tassel can really transform your outfit into the era of disco and colour.

5) Lace Up

Topshop: Tie Front Top
Lace-up is also another trend red hot right now which so many companies have come out with their own interpretations of. One of my favourites is this lace up top from Topshop. It's not so lace down where it exposes too much but it still salutes to the trend. 

6) Chunky Heels

Kurt Geiger: HENNA Tan Suede

You can never go wrong with chunky heels. They're comfy and ever so stylish. These tan HENNA heels from Kurt Geiger have been around lots in the fashion blogger world and it's hardly surprising why. Pair with a white lace playsuit (see below) for the ultimate summer outfit.

7) Lace 

  Miss Guided: Lace Bardot Scallop Playsuit Ivory

I've always had a soft spot for lace, so when I knew it would be a popular material for summer I couldn't wait to see what pieces would come out. This playsuit from Miss Guided is one of my favourites - feminine and fun, it's great for summertime.

8) Cool Accessories

River Island: Black Faux Suede Floppy Hat

It's amazing how much accessories can transform your outfit. A simple outfit can be made to appear well put together just by what you pair it with. This hat from River Island is a prime example. A great way to add edginess to your clothes.  

9) Sunglasses

Topshop: Velvet Round Revo Sunglasses

They're not just useful for protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays - they also look super stylish! Sizes, colours and shapes - all variations in which sunglasses come in. There is definitely a pair out there to fit your personal taste.

10) Personal Touch


Don't forget to add your own personal touch to your outfit. No matter the trends, if you like something - wear it! 

****** Thank you to anyone who views my blog or leaves comments. Sorry I haven't posted in 10 days! Hopefully during the summer I'll have more posts up.

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