Wednesday, 29 July 2015

BooHoo: What's in my Beach Bag?

          A special twist on the traditional "What's in my Bag?" posts - introducing "What's in my Beach Bag" with BooHoo
          It's a summer essential to have a beach bag, they're convenient and look super cool. However, what's most important is what you place inside it...a pair of sunglasses is a good place to start. Make sure you pack yourself some stylish sunnies in your beach bag, they keep UV rays away from your eyes and look great. You also cannot forget a colourful garland and some sparkly tattoos to keep things interesting. Great for partying those summer nights away, or looking decorative laying in the sun!
          In addition to these goodies, what you wear is of up-most importance. My BooHoo Tiffany High Neck Strap Top is ideal for both during the day and at evenings. It would look great on its's own - a high neck which offers an introduction to a popular trend. At night-time I would pair with a bright sparkly necklace to add dimension and glamour to your outfit.
        Also, my Leanne Paisley Swing Dress is PERFECT for the summer. The material flows and is super cooling for hot days. The pattern is a nod to the popular 70's, boho vibes which have been floating around recently. Both items are from BooHoo's Summer Shop, which include many other items ideal for going away in. 

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