Monday, 15 June 2015

Moschino Resort 2016

To me, Moschino are one of the most, fun, innovative designer brands on the market. They always seem to think outside the box and incorporate interesting ideas into fashion. Their past collections have themed the likes of Barbie, Loonie toons and even using the famous McDonald's "M" in the "M" of Moschino! It's fair to say that Moschino have credit where it's due in being one of the most entertaining brands. 

Their new Resort 2016 collection didn't fail to impress. They used the likes of "SALES" tags, upside down and back to front writing, "Teddy Dollars," alongside interesting new prints and designs. Although the wear ability is questionable for the every-day look - Scott has nailed the "wow" factor that we all seek out for once in a while.

Despite some people not understanding the reasoning behind Moschino's creations (or fashion in general) I can almost relate to it as an art form. Using fun, gimmicky designs to press a hidden message. This is why I believe that fashion isn't appreciate enough. Far too many times have I heard "I wouldn't wear that", "that's hideous", "fashion is a joke," - but no. Fashion is only another form of expression and art, it shouldn't be criticised but encouraged. 

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