Saturday, 20 June 2015

Fendi Resort 2016

          Taking a first glance at this collection, you can tell that Fendi have made a silent nod towards the theme: Birds of Paradise. The pieces themselves, simplistic but with beautiful patterns alongside a small hint of colour amongst earthly tones.  50 years at the helm, Lagerfeld has conjured up yet another amazing collection which continues some of Fendi's iconic looks, as well as fresh new ideas.  
          Renowned for their iconic Italian leather and fur designs, the incorporation of these two elements into pieces is pure genius considering "Resort" is aimed at jet-setting clientèle heading towards warmer climates. 
          One aspect Fendi seems to get head on is accessories. Their shoes and bags are some of the most iconic, and striking pieces. This collection was no different to the others - full of great accessory designs that surely capture the eye. 
          Overall, I love the collection, the colours, silhouettes, as-well as the patterns and structure of the clothes. Fendi has started to become one of my favourite fashion houses, and I cant wait to see what else Lagerfeld has to offer for this amazing label. 

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