Monday, 11 May 2015

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016

    The scene of the show set in Palm Springs, California, at the Bob Hope estate "(which is for sale, by the way, with an asking price of $25 million)." This gorgeous place set the ambience for an amazing show packed full of luxury designs. 
     This collection by Louis Vuitton seemed to hold no limits. Colour, pattern, texture and shape filled the pieces throughout. There seemed no distinct theme, which oddly enough I quite liked. I caught a few retro vibes from some of the pieces, cami tops and flares which is an obvious signal to the hot 70's trend this SS15.
     The wearability of the pieces is questionable at times, although looking closer some pieces seem perfectly wearable but with an edge. Personally, I loved the unpredictability of the show, so many twists and turns but with unexpected surprises.
     Ghesquière was described as: "experimental and unconstrained" by Vogue which ideally sums up this whole collection.

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