Sunday, 15 March 2015

"How to be a Parisian"

Parisian style is famed throughout the world. Paris is full of stylish women with a keen eye for fashions and differentiality. I've devised a step-by-step guide of how to achieve the effortless style of the Parisian woman.

1) Always wear sunglasses
A large pair of sunglasses shouts chicness. Whether they're cheap sunnies or designer shades, they will really help to complete an outfit. But, please no multi-coloured lenses.

2) The Natural Look
One of the key things to achieve Parisian style isn't just in what you wear - but also what you put on your face. Keep the makeup low-key and understated, the "glowing from within" look is essential.

3) FUR Real
Fur is big in Paris (don't worry FAUX fur) It's great in the winter when it's cold, but can also be incorporated in the summer months, maybe in the form of a gilet.

4) Get the Uniform
A trend of Parisian fashion is "the uniform look". Crisp white blouse/shirt with a knee length black pencil skirt, alongside your comfiest black heels. As well as, smart cardigans, jumpers and a cute little clutch.

5) Balance
Don't over do it. If you're wearing a leopard print dress don't match it with leopard print shoes. Pick colours out from the one patterned item you're wearing and use that as a guide for colours to match it to. 

7) Stick to basic colours when you can
Keep your colours neutral when possible, and use bright colours only for that added pop. You want to look sophisticated and chic, not like a unicorn has thrown up over your outfit...

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