Saturday, 28 March 2015

"How to be Bohemian"

Whenever I think of Bohemian styling all I can picture is beautiful patterns and amazingly bright colours. It's a style that I love- so I thought I'd continue my series after "How to be a Parisian" with a Bohemian follow up.
Some great websites for Bohemian clothing include:
- Urban Outfitters
- Tree of Life
- Free People

1) Patterns

Some of the most beautiful patterns are incorporated into Bohemian fashion. They really help to make you stand out. You can't be afraid of mixing the patterns to achieve a true Bohemian style. 

2) Colours

Colour plays such an important part in nailing the Bohemian style. I'm afraid monochrome won't cut it, so experiment with colour. Dont be afraid to mix clashing colours - it's your own interpretation so just roll with it.

3) Loose Fitting Clothes

The trademark of Bohemian style seems to be loose fitting clothing. Your clothes need to allow you to "breathe" - light an airy is the best way to describe it. Be comfortable and free in what you wear. 

4) Lace and Tassels 

These two seem to shout Bohemian. They can both be beautifully styled and come in a variety of shapes and colours depending on your personal taste. 

5) Accessories

There are SO many accessories in Bohemian styling. From bracelets and necklaces to gorgeous hair pieces (including flowers - sometimes real ones). Don't be afraid to go OTT with your accessories to achieve that amazing Boho look. 

Here is some more style inspiration for Bohemian clothing...

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