Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Victoria Beckham AW15

Victoria Beckham has definitely made a name for herself in the fashion industry these past couple of years - and this collection, for me, shows how much she has grown as a designer. This collection is the epitome of her own personal style - with neutral colours, slouchy silhouettes such as chunky knits and asymmetric midi skirts as well as gorgeous detailing.
I love the overall simplicity and minimalistic vibe I get from this collection. These pieces could be easily styled individually and are very wearable for the everyday woman. "It's about what women really want to wear and how they want their clothes to make them feel," said Beckham in her show notes. 
I have fallen in love with this collection and really look up to VB as a style icon and inspiration. She had a vision of who she wanted to be and turned it into a reality. This collection shows where hard work and determination can get you.

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