Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Style Trend : Red

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015

Red has been officially named as this year's colour of spring and has appeared in many of 2015's Ready-To-Wear fashion shows. It's great when a colour comes into style because then it can be interpreted and worn however our individual style pleases. Red is a bold, statement colour but if worn right can look sophisticated and elegant. A splash of red in a monochrome outfit would look amazing and can easily be worn and styled. Monochrome is one of the biggest style trends and I myself have been guilty of sticking to black and white in my outfits - so adding a small piece of red would make your outfit more interesting and look more put together than it actually is.
This trend can be used to influence a whole outfit or just to add some colour and amp your style up a bit. In the couture shows there have been whole outfits that are red and even just small pops of red here and there. Whatever you fancy, red is the colour to go for this Spring.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2015

Valentino Spring 2015

Saint Laurent Spring 2015

Louis Vuitton Spring 2015
Balmain Spring 2015
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