Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hermès Ready To Wear SS15 Collection

 After three years as the womenswear designer at Hermès, Christophe Lemaire’s final collection for the company was shown on the last day of Paris Fashion Week. “Plainly extravagant—or extravagantly plain,” a quote I find fairly fitting for this collection. I couldn't help but notice there was an almost African influence, relating to the cut and colours of the pieces. The scarf drape seemed almost tribal and the accent colours of sand and saffron definitely showed some influences from far afield. 
       Hermès is known for taking us to faraway places in their pieces and for the last collection for the company, Lemaire certainly did not disappoint. 
This ready to wear collection caught my eye as I was drawn to the different textures and materials each individual piece held. Layering seemed to be one of the focuses at the Hermès show this year as almost every outfit was dressed by layering different pieces together. 



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